Favourite Micellar Water

Since my previous blog was about the Heimish all Clean Clean Balm and I mention using a micellar water as the first step to my cleansing routine. I thought I make this blog about my favourite micellar waters.

For me Micellar cleansing waters are an essential part of my daily cleansing routine and my makeup kit, I couldn't do without it!

As all of us makeup wearers know, removing our makeup at night is a Must! if we want to help our skin to stay healthy, clean and hopefully help it go down the ageing path in a nicer way and these micellar waters play a great roll on helping do just that.


  1. That it is gentle with my skin and does not sting at all, especially around my eye area

  2. It removes makeup efficiently without needing to press or rub hard

  3. It doesn't leave any oily or sticky residue behind


  • Bioderma Sensibio H2O

  • Garnier Skin Active

  • L'Oreal Micellar water

All for sensitive skin (all this brands have alternative options for other skin types) fragrance free, they claim to be soothing, alcohol free, safe to use on face, eyes and lips and no rise needed. This last one "no rise needed" makes it ideal when working with makeup. It makes it easy to remove makeup and re apply more immediately after.

Bioderma has been my favourite for a very long time until I came across the Garnier which I found to be very similar at a much better price considering this is a product I go through very quickly I decided to change to the Garnier. That's how you'll be able to see I only have a tiny little bottle of the Bioderma which i found in my traveling bag (almost no product left in it) the Garnier one is almost the same not much left in it and the l'oreal one is almost full since I only bought it about a week ago. I remember running out of my Garnier Micellar water while in Peru so I tried the Loreal one but it was the normal to Combination skin, I thought it was pretty good so when I saw the one for sensitive skin I thought I would give it a try for a change.


None of them removed makeup completely with just one swipe but did take a fair amount. With the second swipe of they manage to remove all makeup. The Bioderma and L'Oreal left a slight residue of makeup behind, I would say the difference between them is really slight they are almost the same, but if we are being picky and based on this test results and the amount of residue they left behind I would say Garnier will come in 1st place, 2nd to L'oreal and 3rd to Bioderma.

Based on the ingredients below and how the products performed the bigest difference to me is in the price.

Bioderma: 250ml £10.99 500ml £19.49

Garnier: 400 ml £4.99

L'Oreal: 400 ml £5.99


I've put this two photos together so you can see how it is no wonder their performance is so similar. I hadn't notice this before myself until now. If you read the ingredients from the Garnier and L'Oreal they have the exact same ingredients only that some of the ingredients are present in different amounts. The higher up an ingredient is listed means that it contains more of it.

Hope this you enjoy this review...And remember to remove that makeup! ;)

Aleca xx

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