Hemish All Clean Balm

After such a long time of being in silence I had to get back and share with you this fantastic product.

It is the Hemish All Clean Balm

This is at it says on the jar a "Balm", a balm would have never been my choice for cleansing, since I have

combination skin with quite an oily T-Zone and prone to breakouts, so I always though putting a rich product such as this on my skin would be to much and probably make my skin breakout even more. But after a year of being back in the UK, the cold weather the central heating and having my skin exposed to the wind, rain etc, while I enjoy my walks with "Princess Leia" (out little doggy) has made my skin to feel drier and dehydrated.

My normal cleansing routine will normally consist of removing my make up with Garnier Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin, followed by washing my face with a foaming cleanser. I know there is many people who prefer not to rinse with water but I am one of those who do like it and don't feel my face is clean until I rinse it.

Since I was feeling my skin needed soothing and hydration I started using a small sample I had of Erno Lazlo Cleansing Oil for Sensitive Skin which gave my skin that confort it was needing. I enjoyed the oily but not so greasy texture it had which allowed me to massage my face while cleansing with this oil. this made me research a bit more about similar products.

I am also interested in Korean, Japanese (Asian) skin care products I had tried a few products mainly cleansers and sheet masks when visiting Malaysia, and I really liked them. I like to get my skin care products from the farmacy rather than beauty departments from personal experience I have found the farmacy brands I've tried had been more effective for me than others high street brands. Also as the years pass I am more and more interested on the ingredients and its effectiveness.



I love not only the design and colours of the packaging but it's practicality for use. The top of the jar lifts up and there is a removable cover that covers the actual product, on top of it there is a little spatula to pick the product out without needing to deep your fingers in the making it hygenic and less wasteful since you won't get any product under your nails.

The Product

The consistency of this product is of a paste, reminds me of cold press coconut oil. The same as coconut oil when you put it on your palm and masaje it turns into an oil I like this consistente because it not only feels comfortable on my skin but it also allows me to massage my skin without pulling it while I let the product work and do all its cleansing. And finally my favourite part...it can be rinse of with just water!

In contact with water it turns into a light milk which washes off easily leaving my skin feeling fresh and clean with no oily residue left behind...I LOVE IT! , I am so glad I gave it a try. This will definitely be a long term relationship ;)

oh! and I forgot to mention the sent! It is very light and pleasant I would say it is slightly minty.


From what I've seen while researching this product and as recommended by the brand you need 3-4 scoops (I use less than 1 scoop and it's plenty for me) most people use it straight on their face with makeup on and this product melts it away beautifully, even water proof makeup, then it is removed with water or a muslin cloth, most people I've seen use it as part of their double cleanse routine (this seems to be the thing at the moment, the "double Cleanse").

My personal preference is to remove my eye and face makeup with a micellar water and cotton wool followed by the Heimish All Clean Balm. I don't really like the idea of having all that dirty makeup sliding all over my face besides as I mention before, I like to pamper my skin and give my face a small massage while using the balm. But this is just what ever your personal preference is which ever way, the end result is fantastically clean and fresh looking skin.


I won't mention all but the main ones are

SHEA BUTTER moisturizes and promotes elasticity

CITRUS HERB OIL soothes and de stresses

COCONUT EXTRACT softens and conditions

WHITE FLOWER COMPLEX improves skin balance and skin tone

This is also hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin

Where to buy

www.yesstyle.com (I ordered mine from this site)

www.iherb.com (ships to 150 Countries!)

There are many more website selling this product and other Korean beauty products but I chose this 2 because they ship to so many countries... including the UAE and PERU! si chicas, no es lo maximo?!

But if you look in to it you will find many many more pages maybe specific to the country you are in which will probably make a difference in time and posting of your products.

If you enjoy this review or have try this product before or anything similar that you might like better, leave me your comment.


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