RapidLash and Mavala Double Lash

Lashes are one of those things that can do wonders for your eyes. But not many of us are blessed with thick long natural lashes...for some reason it always seem to be the boys with great long lashes, totally unfair if you ask me! ha ha And things don't get better with the running of time lashes seem to get thinner and weaker.

Here are two of my try and tested solutions to keep your lashes long and healthy.


This is a very popular product but I only started using it about two months ago. I had heard so much about it that I finally thought to give it a go and find out if it really work as good as they say.

The method of use of this product is to apply it every night to your makeup and products free eyes. This should be applied to the roots of your top lashes and can also be use on your eyebrows although there have an other product specific for brows called RapidBrow.

The results from Rapidlash where a bit slow and I didn't really notice much difference until almost a month from starting using. I love the results and my lashes definitely appear much longer. However I don't notice any difference with the volume of my lashes so I am missing that effect which I get from the Mavala Double Lash.

Although RapidLash only contains 3 ml of products it seems to last a very long time. I am already into my third month of use and it seems like there is still product for a while longer, I hope there is since I can't really tell from the tube.


I first used Mavala Double Lash a few years

ago and notice quick results with it. My lashes definitely appear to be denser and stronger but I didn't notice such a great difference with the length.

I have used this product on and off as a treatment for my lashes to keep them healthy and strong, since I always use mascara. I see this like the equivalent to using moisturizer on my skin... is the moisturizer for my lashes! ;)

Mavala Double Lash is a milky colored serum that comes with a mascara like wand that makes application very simple.

The directions for use are to apply just as you would do with mascara combing your lashes with the wand on your very clean lashes after cleansing your face and removing all makeup from your lashes. You should do this every night to see faster results. Using this product didn't sting my eyes or result in falling lashes after I stopped using it. You can use it on your eyebrows as well.

Mavala Double Lash gives you a lot more product for your money 10 ml, about three times more than RapidLash. However although this product does last a lot longer I find I never used it till the end I normally replace it when there is still a quarter left or so. the reason is that although I try to have my lashes totally free of makeup there is always a tiny bit left behind which gets picked up by the application wand this then goes back in the bottle and the product inside starts getting dirty. That's why after a while of using it I prefer to go for a fresh one.


I would recommend either of this products to anyone looking to enhance their lashes. Which one you chose will depend of what you are looking for ie. Volume or Length.

And other thing to consider is how much you would like to spend Mavala Double Lash 10ml price in the UAE is 85.00 Dhs and you can buy it in any pharmacy (UK is £13.00 / US $29.00) Rapidlash 3 ml costs 300.00 Dhs approx. in the UAE (UK £41.00 / US $49.99).

Both products last for a very long time, so you do get good value for money, and most importantly you get the results...on saying that do have realistic expectations, if you are expecting lashes double the length that you have now, you will be disappointed! Also bear in mind that everyone reacts different to different products.

I hope it works for you if you decide to give it a try.

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